Monday, 3 November 2014

How to eat a girl out - Things Not to DO

How to eat a girl out

Things not do when your are learning how to eat a girl out. Im going to go over a few little tips and tricks to teach you some of the things you can do to help you improve you sex life and keep your lover coming back for more. Well come on, there is not better way to prove you are a great catch then to blow your partners mind sexually! 

Well today were going to get right to it. First step we need to learn is foreplay. Once of the first things you must accomplish when learning how to eat a girl out. Foreplay has been overlooked for many years, and some people still refuse to have any of it in there sex lives. That was so yesterday. Foreplay can be the complete highlight of a sexual encounter? Right ? Well think about it... when you think of a great sexual experience, there obviously foreplay involved. Sucking your penis, testicles, tities, etc. But everybody remembers something that is usually considered foreplay, yet they leave it out of there sex lives. A big no no in my opinion. But hey Im just some blogger.

Anyways, so your making love to your sweet little partner and you want to blow her mind.  First step... start kissing her slowly and in a romantic way. Work your way down across her neck and across her breast. Dont forget to give those breast some attention too. Hint Hint ---> Licking the nipples, sucking on them, even blowing on them can drive them wild. So you work your way slowly across the stomach and enter the vaginal area. This is your playground, am I right or am I right? 

So your thinking, how to eat a girl out? Well you want to start by licking the thighs and kissing them ever so softly. Then start kissing your way in towards the vagina. Start kissing and licking the outer vaginal area. (Outer vagina lips) Do this for a couple minutes and then start kissing and licking slowly or quickly the clitoris. If you don't know the clitoris is the little piece of flesh located at the top of the pussy. Yeah thats right I said pussy. So you have played with the clitoris. Now you want to open the inner vagina lips and start lick in the inner pussy with long lick starting from the bottom of the vagina going all the ways to the top. 

Yes folks, eating a girl out is just that simple. Most of us do combination of all these moves together. Licking the thighs, and outer vagina, flicking the clitoris and long licks of the inner vagina. But hey, theres a lot more to this topic then you might think. I got most of this info from another website. Great site and lots of tips and tricks to make you perform like a god. Check it out in the resources section. 

How to eat a girl out - Things not to do!


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